Founder of TYI

Dr Emmanuel Taban

  • TYI was founded by Dr. Emmanuel Malish Taban, a world-renowned pulmonologist and celebrated author, listed in the top 100 most influential people in Africa for 2020.
  • The youngest of five siblings raised by a single mother, he was arrested by the military at the age of 14 on suspicion of being a rebel spy, imprisoned, tortured, and deported to Khartoum.He fled from Khartoum to Eritrea, where he was again imprisoned. After being freed, he travelled nearly 3000 miles by foot to visit an uncle in Nairobi, Kenya, but the uncle refused to let him stay in his home.
  • Inspired by the “made in South Africa” printing on a soda can, Emmanuel travelled an additional 3,500 kilometres through East Africa to South Africa, where he settled as a refugee and obtained his education. Taban currently holds three medical degrees and is recognized as one of the top pulmonologists in South Africa.
  • He represents a life of epic grit and imagination of a young refugee.

Dr Emmanuel Taban Founder Ten Yams Investments
The land will be subdivided into six equal pieces which will employ 10 people for the 1st 3 years.
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing accounted for 9.6% of the country’s annual GDP
Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 21% of global consumption


Project Overview

  • TYI will leverage on large-scale commercial maize farming projects in the Loka Round Central District in the Equatoria region to support farmers in raising agricultural productivity, ensuring food security, and boosting youth employment and economic growth.
  • The overall objective of TYI is inclusive, sustainable, and radically transformed agricultural practices that create strong, thriving communities and households, boost agricultural productivity, and offer a better source of livelihood.

    This will improve Southern Sudan’s overall economic growth, increase food security, and advance rural communities there.


Why The TYI farming project

  • The TYI’s pilot project, AKIL Ta Ballet will be carried out on 3000 hectares of agricultural land in the Loka Round Central.
  • Africa’s most valuable natural resource is not its oil reserves, minerals, or other natural resources but rather the untapped potential of its young and rapidly growing population.
  • To silence the guns in Africa, create jobs for the youth particularly in South Sudan, and bring long-lasting peace and food security to the continent, Agriculture must play a role.
  • TYI plans to improve the productive and innovative capacities of the youth in agribusiness by developing their skill sets and introducing innovative technologies that will enable them to attract better employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, thereby improving the agribusiness ecosystem in rural areas.
  • This can be accomplished by transforming agriculture from a traditional subsistence system to a commercial, science- based one, focusing on mechanized farming with new technology, and providing improved seeds, agrochemicals, farm machinery, and farmer credit.
Ten Yams Akil Ta Bellet Project
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